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Clematis Logistics Services LLC is a complete Supply Chain Specialist based in UAE with expertise in air, sea and land freight, chartering, breakbulk, warehousing, packing & transportation.

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Clematis Logistics Services LLC

They say prosperity comes with better prioritization. We understand that robust logistical systems help you to focus on the other critical issues that need a closer attention. We partner with the most systematic and streamlined logistics providers globally to ensure that your commitments are delivered on time. What comes back is trust- and for sure we know its value.

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 With each member of the team having more than a decade of experience in logistics, we shape your logistic needs with innovative solutions. With a strong determination to connect people and goods, we go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. By anticipating challenges and applying our visionary mind set, we customize solutions to deliver your goods in the most cost-effective and timely manner. As your logistics partner, we use all facets of logistics such as air, land, sea and multimodal services to turn your requirements to reality. 

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Life at Clematis

Clematis group provides equal opportunities and unparalleled growth. A work environment that encourages creative thinking, collaboration, individuality, and diversity.